Alessandra Prandini

Alessandra Prandini

Reiki is not only helping me rebalance my own life, but is also making me feel more grounded, aware of the person I am and of what I desire. We can all experience Reiki energy in a personal way, trusting that it is always flowing for our highest good.

Alessandra is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Confidence & Mindset Coach.

She moved to the Netherlands in 2018 from Italy and decided to make Haarlem her home in 2021.

Alessandra delivers 1:1 Reiki treatments (in person and from a distance) as well as Coaching sessions (in person and online). Her goal is to help people live a more meaningful and joyful life.

She decided to host Reiki Chakra Balancing sessions with the purpose of introducing Reiki to more individuals.

Alessandra sees Reiki as a simple tool accessible to anyone who would like to heal and balance their life.